Why we are "The Midge."

(Whats in a name?)

Here at The Midge, we want to showcase what Tallong has to offer. Tallong is a strong and proud community and we wanted our store to reflect Tallong in the best way possible. We wanted our name to be uniquely Tallong.


We named the store after Tallong’s local Midge Orchid. 

The Midge Orchid is a native Australian Orchid that only grows in this region. Tallong has its own specific Midge plant species, The Tallong Midge Orchid, that is ONLY found in Tallong and the Shoalhaven Gorge with the occasional sighting in Wingello. Unfortunately, it is heavily endangered but it is uniquely Tallong so we chose to use it to represent the cafe and the community we hope to build around it.


The Tallong Midge Orchid produces a single flowering stem, usually 10 -20 cm high, but occasionally to 30 cm high. A cluster of 1-6 flowers are produced at the top of each stem. Individual flowers are approximately 8 mm across and are green, with pinkish-purple stripes. Flowers appear in late summer to autumn after heavy rainfall. 

FeaScientific name: Genoplesium plumosum

Conservation status in NSW: Critically Endangered

Commonwealth status: Endangered


The Midge grows exclusively in heathland, almost always supported by Violet Kunzea, Common Fringe-myrtle and parrot-peas. The Midge only grows on hard rock, making it unique but exposed.



The Midge Orchid is durable, strong and relies on other Tallong Natives to survive, this is why we think it is a perfect emblem for our cafe.